July 24, 2011


Gucci was born in the year 1881 in the Italy's northern manufacturing region. He was the son of an Italian merchant. He started the House of Gucci as a small family owned leather saddlery shop in 1906. Being an excellent craftsman he stated selling leather bag to the horsemen in 1920. Manufacturing high-quality products he soon started gaining reputation for his work and started hiring people to work in his small organization. But the expansion plans were on cards and Gucci expanded his business to the capital, Rome in 1938 where he opened his first retail outlet. The business which was solely handled by him turned out to be a family affair as all his sons joined the company. In 1951 Gucci further expanded his business to Milan where he opened his store and a couple of years later in Manhattan.

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  1. I kind of dont like LMFAO's style, it seems cheap. Like some backyard street clothes but maybe thats what they wanted to do...

    I like Gucci on women, all of these outfits would get you noticed... I like the one before the last the best, might suggest it to my girlfriend